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Thailand is fast becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in the world with travellers from all over the world coming to appreciate its breathtaking scenery, stunning waters and in stark contrast, the vibrant atmosphere of Thailand's larger cities such as Bangkok.

here are 26 provinces that make up central and Eastern Thailand and Bangkok, often known as the 'heartland' of the country is just one of them.

The central region of Thailand has a complex and fascinating history and numerous attractions commemorating this such as ancient temples, battlefields and ruins continue to draw tourists from all over the world. The southern coast of Thailand is also popular with holidaymakers and locals alike wanting to soak up the tropical atmosphere and sunshine.

Thailand is home to some of the finest beaches and islands in the world, surrounded by crystal clear water and stunning coral, it is because of this that Thailand is attracting a growing number of divers from all over the world every year.

The sea visibility in some places of Thailand is nothing short of incredible and is arguably far better than anywhere else in the world. Just some of the offerings that lie beneath the water are undersea rock formations, coral gardens, whale sharks and even sunken battleships.

Other popular pastimes to enjoy in Thailand include luxurious spas, these can be found in all of the major tourist destinations such as Ko Samui and Phuket and they offer world-class service at very reasonable rates.

Golf has also become a growing industry in Thailand and the country currently welcomes an average of 400,000 foreign golfers every year. Thailand boasts more than two hundred courses many of which have been designed by some of the biggest names in the golfing world such as Nick Faldo and Greg Norman.

In the northern regions of Thailand you can find miles of beautiful forests, stunning waterfalls and ancient caves in addition to numerous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks which create a completely different yet equally amazing experience to the sandy beaches and blue waters.

Offering yet more contrast to the serenity and beauty of the beaches and forests of Thailand's rural regions are some of the larger cities, such as one of Thailand's two capital cities, Bangkok.

The city of Bangkok offers holidaymakers yet another experience with its bright lights and electric atmosphere. The city is home to endless shops, restaurants, theatres and museums meaning that Thailand really does have something for everyone.

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