Do you know which medicines you should take with you on your travels?

By accessing the interactive part of this web site you can obtain a list of all the medicines necessary for your trip.

Whether you are going on a holiday to a beach resort or a full blown expedition to some remote location.

However long you will be away or however many people will be in your group, wherever you are going and whatever you are doing, you can obtain your own customised list.

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Currency Converter

Use the table below to convert Pounds Sterling (or any other currency) into a number of foreign currencies.

1) Enter the amount want to convert in the box on the left.

2) Use the scroll bars to set the desired currencies

3) Click the "perform currency conversion" button.

4) A new window will open with the results of the currency conversion.

5) Close the new window to return to Travel Doctor.

I want to convert . . .
this amount

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of this type of currency

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into this type of currency.

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The currencies are updated every minute.
Note: Currencies followed by (e) have entered the European
single currency zone and are now obsolete.

Use a currency converter to help determine your travel expenses like Paris hotels

Most of the popular currencies are covered by the above converter but not every available currency. If the currency you are looking for is not present then you may find it at one of the following sites:

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