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So what medical supplies do you need to take with you on your travels?

This part of the web site is designed to answer that question and for convenience we have divided the required items into four separate categories:-

Because many of the world's remote and exotic locations are to be found in and around developing countries and/or the tropics, there is a risk of contracting a serious illness not normally encountered in the UK like malaria, yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis, etc. etc.

There is therefore, a definite need to be protected against them, usually by vaccinations prior to travel and by taking tablets before, during and after the trip.

Besides the various measures which you should take before your trip, it is essential that you take measures to treat illness or injury while you are away. To do this you need to take various medical items from each of the four categories dealt with separately on this page.

The other information pages in this web site provide advice on the many other different aspects of travellers health.
Tabs & Jabs

For a full country by country list of the vaccinations and the malaria tablets required go to: "Table of Vaccinations and Malaria Tablets by Country"

The "Vaccinations" page provides basic advice on the various travel vaccines available and the "Malaria" , "Yellow Fever" & "Travellers Diseases" pages give a brief description of these diseases and how to avoid them.


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Doctor Fox is a group of experienced GPs based in Bristol who provide consultations and prescription medicines online for travellers including malaria, traveller's diarrhoea and jet lag where treatment on the NHS is not available. We also offer a range of non-prescription items.
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