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By clicking on the any of the links above you can to the relevant information page. These links are also found in the menu on the left hand side of most of the other pages in this site. You can also search the site for any information you require by using the search bar above.

Each section contains information
on the various topics listed. The information provided is a brief summary of the subject concerned. Travel medicine is a huge subject and we are mindful that the information in each page is only briefly covered. Our intention is provide an introduction into the various aspects of travel medicine by covering the conditions most likely to be encountered by travellers.

The page entitled "Table of Vaccinations and Malaria Tablets by Country" or (Tabs & Jabs) contains a map of the world dividing it up into six continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, N. America, S. America, & Oceania). By clicking on the desired continent you will be taken to a page containing a list of all the countries in that continent.

The countries are arranged in alphabetical order and information is given on each one regarding the Vaccinations and malaria tablets required. Further down each page are tables giving more information about the various abbreviations used and information on the different anti-malaria drug regimens.

Internet access is now possible in most countries around the world. Travellers can therefore use this site as a reference source whilst away on their travels by simply logging on and visiting this site.

There are many excellent publications on the subject of travellers' health which contain far more detail on each of the topics listed. For a list of some of the books available plus a number of web sites on the same subject see below:-

Health Information for Overseas Travel was first issued in 1995 as a companion volume to the well established UK Health Departments' memorandum Immunisation against Infectious Disease (the 'Green Book'). It was well received, especially by doctors and practice nurses giving travel health advice in primary care, and is now commonly referred to as the UK 'Yellow Book'.

Since that first edition, there has been a major increase in the amount of travel­related information available both to health professionals and travellers, in books, the media and via the Internet. The origins and significance of the information are not always clear, however, and the advice may not be consistent with that usually given in the UK.

The aim of this book is therefore still relevant: to provide a concise and authoritative one­stop source of information about the common health risks to travellers and how to reduce them. It is not a statement of Government policy. It is advisory rather than prescriptive, emphasising the need to assess the risks for the individual traveller, while recognising the limitations of the data on which such assessments sometimes have to be made. Risk behaviours are also discussed, and emphasis put on measures travellers themselves can take to protect their health abroad.

The following table refers to chapters within the Yellow Book and provides further information about immunisation and malaria prophylaxis:


While the recommendations for each continental group above are about immunisations and malaria chemoprophylaxis, it must be remembered that most health problems affecting travellers are not vaccine preventable.

Advice about accident and injury prevention, food and water hygiene, protection against insect bites and sexual health may be equally important. These subjects are dealt with in the succeeding chapters:-

There are many sources of Travel Health information available on the internet. Many of these publish news updates and articles on current issues relating to travellers health. Some of the more comprehensive include:
Department of Health Travel Advice
Department of Health Website
Health Protection Agency
Health Protection Agency Website
National Travel Health Network and Centre
NaTHNaC Website
British Medical Association - Travel Medicine
BMA Website
World Health Organisation
WHO Website
Center for Disease Control and Prevention
CDC Website
Some Useful Information Sources:-


  • Travellers' Health - Dr. Richard Dawood (recommended)
  • Travel Medicine for Health Professionals - Larry Goodyer
  • The Essential Guide to Travel Health (formerly Bugs, Bites & Bowels) - Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth
  • Lonely Planet Healthy Travel Guides Staying Healthy in Asia, Africa & Latin America - Dirk Schroeder
  • The Rough Guide to Travel Health - Dr. Nick Jones
  • Health Information for Overseas Travel - HMSO
  • Medical Handbook for Mountaineers - Peter Steele


Travel Doctor Site Web


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